Lalai food industry

Food industry products include layer cakes, cakes, toffee, wafers, biscuits, cookies, roulette cakes and fruit juices, which have recently been added to Lalai food industry products.

Layer Cake

A layered cake consisting of several layers of cake with layers of cocoa or white chocolate or fruit cream

Swiss Roll

A roulette cake that is actually made of cocoa cream


including creamy and coconut biscuits and digestive biscuits and…


In this category of all types of wafers, cocoa, hazelnut, creamy and…


including cocoa and vanilla cakes and very delicious chocolate pies


including traditional cookies, date cookies and flour sweets and …


Especially toffees, which include hazelnut, cocoa, and coconut toffees, which are available in bulk.


These products are recently produced by Lalai food industries, whose quality is very high, competing with domestic and foreign samples

Established since 1382

Quality Control

Mohammadpur food industry quality control unit equipped with specialized laboratories and expert personnel

It controls and tests products in several stages:

First step: testing raw materials entering the factory

Second stage: control and testing of products during the production process

Third step: Sampling of products and their full testing after production and before packaging.

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