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About Lalai food industry

Mohammadpur Food Industries started its activity in 1382 with the production of biscuits and wafers under the brand name Lalai, and according to the research program and advancement of the development goals, it has been able to go through the steps of progress day by day and year by year. It has tried to produce a variety of quality and standard products to satisfy consumers, and from 1387 to 1393 it has been able to produce a variety of: oil cake, layer cake, swiss roll, waltz, cookie, chocolate wafer, salty cracker, etc. Advance your research and development program. Currently, this unit with the most advanced fully automatic machines in the world and by recruiting more than 150 administrative production personnel has been able to make a small contribution to the economic cycle of our beloved country. Now, with the grace of God, it is hoped that in the coming years and according to the research and development programs, it will reach even higher goals. The production lines of Mohammadpur food industry continue to work with five production lines that include wafer, oil cake, layer cake, biscuit and toffee.